Pre-Owned Vehicle Video Reviews Launched by WheelsTV

pov_honda_accord_g7_largestillWheelsTV today announced the launch of POV Reviews, comprehensive video reviews of late model pre-owned vehicles.

Acton, MA (PRWEB) January 22, 2009 — WheelsTV today announced the launch of POV Reviews, comprehensive video reviews of late model pre-owned vehicles.

This suite of videos incorporates’s Power Circle Ratings™, based on feedback from verified vehicle owners derived from J.D. Power and Associates annual syndicated studies. These ratings are brought to life with full-motion, broadcast quality video from WheelsTV.

“With POV Reviews, consumers can now do five hours of research in just five minutes, getting a comprehensive review of every make and model within a generation of each vehicle. This is new and effective tool to assist dealers in selling pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles.” states Lehel Reeves, president of WheelsTV.

POV Reviews™ makes shopping for a pre-owned vehicle quick and easy, gathering consumer feedback from millions of motorists, conducting independent research and encapsulating findings into brief video programs. The WheelsTV Review Board does all the work for the car shopper.’s Power Circle Ratings are presented in an easy to understand video format that demonstrates important vehicle attributes from fuel economy to reliability, safety and comfort. Data is collated and encapsulated into concise narrative and clear, easy to read data screens, which cover multiple vehicle years and demonstrate trends.

“POV Reviews present the Power Circle Ratings in a way that’s useful and meaningful to consumers,” said Peter Marlow, vice president of corporate communications and consumer development at J.D. Power and Associates. “We’re pleased to work with WheelsTV to present information in a way that gives consumers the information they want, when they want it, in a rich media format.”

In addition to’s Power Circle Ratings, safety and crash test data is presented in association with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety including actual crash test video documentation and ratings. WheelsTV’s patent pending process then combines the data screens, action footage of each vehicle, voice-over narration, music and effects to create a valuable tool for both consumers buying cars and dealers selling cars.

Pre-owned vehicles out-sell new vehicles by three to one. With POV Reviews™ consumers are given the ability to quickly and easily research, compare and choose the best pre-owned vehicles for them, saving time and money. This vehicle shopping tool is the first video product to serve the world’s largest consumer market at a time when more motorists are turning to pre-owned vehicles to fill their transportation needs.

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