2006-2009 Ford Fusion Named 2011 WheelsTV POV of the Year

The ’06 to ’09 Ford Fusion has been named 2011 WheelsTV POV of the Year. This national award is presented annually to one generation of a pre-owned vehicle. To qualify for the WheelsTV POVOTY, the vehicle must be in service for at least two years and demonstrate outstanding long-term reliability and exceptional consumer satisfaction. A juried panel composed of members of the New England Motor Press Association and WheelsTV’s writers and analysts make the final selection.

This year, judging and voting took place at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline where seven category winners were first selected:

Green Car: 04-09 Toyota Prius — Fuel-efficient, safe, sensible

Family Sedan: 06-09 Ford Fusion — Practical, good value, handsome

SUV: 07-10 Toyota Highlander — Versatile, capable, spacious

Small Car: 06-09 Honda Civic — Reliable, attractive, frugal

Sporty Car: 05-09 BMW 3 Series — Nimble, potent, iconic

Luxury Car: 09-10 Jaguar XF — Stylish, unique, lavish

Light Truck: 07-10 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 — Rugged, dependable, powerful

gi_70817_jimbillFrom this group, the ’06 to ’09 Ford Fusion emerged as the clear leader and was named this year’s recipient of the 2011 WheelsTV POVOTY. This year’s award, custom crafted using an antique Model T steering wheel, was presented to the Ford Motor Company at the annual NEMPA Awards Banquet at MIT in Cambridge, MA. Bill Collins, general manager, Ford East Region Communications, received the award from WheelsTV’s CEO, Jim Barisano. Upon being presented with the POV of the Year Award, Bill Collins stated, “Ford is committed to designing and manufacturing cars that provide dependable service to our owners. We are honored to receive this year’s POV of the Year Award from WheelsTV and NEMPA in recognition of the high level of consumer satisfaction that the ’06 to ’09 Ford Fusion has achieved.”

Stated Jim Barisano, “While the ’06 to ’09 Ford Fusions received numerous accolades when new, the true test of a well-crafted automobile is its ability to provide solid, dependable transportation over years of service and many thousands of miles of day-to-day driving. This, the ’06 to ’09 Ford Fusion has done commendably. And while the Ford Fusion may not power a buck-saw, hay baler or conveyor for filling corn cribs as the Model T once did, the Fusion carries on Ford’s tradition of solid long-term performance as one of the most highly regarded pre-owned vehicles on America’s roads today.”

“Congratulations to the Ford Motor Company,” Stated Keith Griffin, VP of NEMPA, “We are pleased to work with Wheels TV on the POVOTY award because of WheelsTV’s in-depth testing and knowledge of new and used vehicles. The POVOTY awards, combined with the awards we present, go a long way towards helping consumers making informed decisions when buying their next vehicles.”

WheelsTV tests hundreds of pre-owned vehicles each year in creating the video series, POV Reviews. POV Reviews help used car buyers to select the most reliable, economical, safe and comfortable vehicles for their needs. Dependability data, model year milestones, crash test ratings from IIHS and NHTSA, and recall information are all presented in each video covering a vehicle’s entire generation. This extensive research and input from NEMPA’s knowledgeable writers provided the foundation for naming the ’06 to ’09 Ford Fusion the 2011 WheelsTV POV of the Year.

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