WheelsTV Unveils First Ever Interactive Video Test Drives

Acton, MA November 14, 2011 – Until today, anyone who used video to shop for a car or light truck had to wait until the information that they wanted appeared on the screen. In a medium where instant access is essential, waiting for thirty seconds to find out fuel economy statistics, performance specs or safety data seemed like waiting forever. Essential data was deeply embedded in the video programs, leading to long waits and frustration.

scrub-barsNow, with WheelsTV’s iDrive Videos, consumers can immediately access the data they need in an entertaining and engaging “live data” format. This patent-pending innovation uses the scrub bar that’s included with virtually all video players and the fast forward function of television’s DVR’s and video-on-demand to immediately access essential car shopping information. iDrive Videos eliminate the wait, the one drawback to traditional linear video.

“Until now, the one Achilles heel of traditional video test drives has been that car shoppers want, need and expect instant access to information. Now with iDrive Videos, key information is right at their fingertips. Chapter headings illuminate when you reach them and smart-shopper information appears in a data bar at the bottom of the screen. This makes video car shopping quick, easy and actually a lot of fun,” says Jim Barisano, CEO of WheelsTV.

corvetteWheelsTV’s Chief Technology Officer, Collin Davis, states, “WheelsTV videos are all about engagement. In an age of information overload you have to maintain friction to keep the consumer’s attention. WheelsTV Video Test Drives and their new interactive features do just that by increasing engagement by 25%.” iDrive Videos are available on all 2012 model year videos, only from WheelsTV and its distributors: Chrome Systems, Cobalt, Reynolds & Reynolds and AutoData.

WheelsTV is the world’s leading producer of video test drives with a suite of car shopping tools including Top 200 Test Drives, 1:00 on One Overviews and POV Reviews. WheelsTV is the first and only company to provide 100% video coverage of each year’s North American light vehicle lineup.

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