WheelsTV Celebrates a Decade of Video Test Drives

Bringing data to life with digital video helps millions to find and buy their next car.

Acton, MA, Los Angeles, CA, February 4, 2014: 
Automotive Networks Corporation, d/b/a WheelsTV, today celebrates its tenth anniversary of service to the auto industry and motoring public.  When WheelsTV launched its video test drive business in 2004, the principal method of shopping for a car online was by reading raw data and looking at still photos.  Aside from a few video reviews, there was no company bringing raw automotive data to life on television and computer screens.  The network TV veterans at WheelsTV saw an opportunity to make the car buying experience easier, more enjoyable and faster for all involved.

“Today, video is a far more effective and engaging way to shop for a car than raw data and photos,” states Automotive Networks CEO Jim Barisano.  “But long before WheelsTV’s video test-drive reports became essential elements in the car shopping process, we made it our mission to bring that raw data to life by shooting every car in action on America’s roads. Consumers want and need to be able to imagine themselves behind the wheel and that is what we give them.”

“But helping millions of consumers to find their next car would not have been possible without our terrific distribution partners.  We’re particularly grateful to AutoTrader, Yahoo Autos, AOL Autos, MSN Autos, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Reynolds & Reynolds, Cobalt, ChromeData and the thousands of auto dealers across America who use our video-data products.  They are giving car shoppers a 21st century car buying experience that is faster, far more enjoyable and more productive.”

With WheelsTV’s  coverage of every make and every model, car buyers can take a video test-drive of virtually any car, light truck, crossover or SUV. Integrated into every network-quality video are key data points covering performance, fuel economy, interior and exterior features, warranties and more.

Video test drives have become the essential piece of every car shopper’s research, “ states WheelsTV’s President Lehel Reeves.  “No other medium lets you imagine yourself behind the wheel of every car on the road while at the same time providing you with the facts and figures necessary to make an informed buying decision. HD video from WheelsTV has replaced text, photos and data on mobile devices, TV’s and laptops simply because there is no better way to virtually enjoy the drive.”

Using digital video technology to find a better way to shop for a car has been WheelsTV’s primary mission over the past decade.  The Company sees interactive video car shopping as the next high-tech wave.  Collin Davis, CTO of WheelsTV states, “Interactive video is where viewers are heading, and WheelsTV is filling that need by letting consumers control the video shopping experience.  WheelsTV takes the best of both worlds – interactive commerce and automotive video – and creates the first video shopping experience of its kind. In doing so, we’ve created a new dimension of interactive engagement metrics and set a precedent in understanding consumer shopping behavior.”  WheelsTV now stands at the forefront with the Dealer Video Showroom. This proprietary interactive video platform lets the consumer select and instantly view the video and data that they consider of the highest interest and importance.

“We’ve always felt that our independently produced video test drives would build consumer trust and make what was a chore into an enjoyable and enlightening experience,” says Jim Barisano.  “Ten years after making that vision a reality, WheelsTV is now embarking upon an interactive video adventure.  We welcome everyone to come along for the ride.”

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WheelsTV is a multi-award-winning digital technology company serving the auto industry and consumers with a wide spectrum of video-data-based car shopping tools. WheelsTV is a program service of Automotive Networks Corporation, headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts with offices in Los Angeles, California. The network is dedicated to developing emerging digital video technology to make the car buying process faster, easier and more enjoyable.

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