2005-2012 Ford Mustang Named 2014 WheelsTV POV of the Year

June 02, 2014 – Cambridge, MA

The POVY is the only major award presented to a pre-owned vehicle. To be named the WheelsTV POV of the Year, the vehicle must be in service for at least two years and demonstrate outstanding long-term reliability and exceptional consumer satisfaction. A juried panel composed of members of the New England Motor Press Association and WheelsTV’s writers and analysts makes the final selection. This year, judging and voting took place at WheelsTV’s headquarters in Acton, Massachusetts. NEMPA was represented by Rick DeMeis of IHS Automotive; George Kennedy, auto writer for the Boston Globe, Providence Journal and BoldRide.com; John Paul of AAA Horizons; Bill Griffith, auto writer for the Boston Globe; and Steve Halloran of CarGurus.com.

Jim Barisano and Ken Karwowski with TrophyThe 2014 POVY presentation was part of NEMPA’s annual awards ceremony. Upon receiving the 2014 POVY from WheelsTV CEO Jim Barisano, Ford Zone Manager Ken Karwowski stated: “We are extremely honored to receive the 2014 WheelsTV POV of the Year Award for the 2005 to 2012 Ford Mustang. This great, fun to drive, very reliable car delivers lots of value for the dollar. 2014 is the last year the fifth generation of this iconic vehicle and the POVY is a wonderful way to recognize the final generation of solid rear axle Mustangs. It will sit proudly in our Dearborn headquarters next to our 2011 POVY won for the ’06 to ’09 Ford Fusion. We thank WheelsTV and the New England Motor Press Association for this unique honor!”

Stated Jim Barisano, “Selecting a standout pre-owned car from a field of over 350 is not easy. With eight diverse categories from light truck to luxury car, we never know which vehicle might emerge on top. So, it was a total surprise to see the Mustang capture the POVY in its Golden Anniversary year.”

Added WheelsTV President Lehel Reeves, “Although most vehicles receive numerous accolades when new, the true test of a well-crafted automobile is its ability to provide solid, dependable transportation over years of service and many thousands of miles of day-to-day driving. America’s first pony car does this brilliantly, while being safe, fuel-efficient and a pleasure to drive.”

“The New England Motor Press Association extends its congratulations to the Ford Motor Company on their 2014 POVY,” Stated Craig Fitzgerald, President of NEMPA, “The WheelsTV POV of the Year Award and the awards NEMPA presents for new cars go a long way towards helping consumers make informed decisions when buying their next vehicles.”

Each year the POVY sports an actual antique steering wheel from the winning marque, making the POVY physically, the largest award in the auto industry. With this, the Mustang’s 50th Anniversary Year, the team at WheelsTV felt that the award had to be something special. This year, a turquoise 1965 Mustang steering wheel topped the award. But there was a big surprise in store and a FIRST for any automotive award: When WheelsTV CEO Jim Barisano asked Ken Karwowski of Ford to imagine himself cruising Main Street in his Mustang and seeing a friend, the natural impulse for Ken was to toot the horn. When he pressed the horn ring on the award’s steering wheel, a beautiful, two-toned Mustang beep rang out, bringing peels of laughter and applause from the assembled dignitaries!


For more information on the New England Motor Press Association, please go to NEMPA.org.

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