About Us


Automotive Networks Corporation, dba WheelsTV, creates and distributes exclusive original content for internet portals, websites, 3G mobile platforms, IPTV networks, OEM showrooms,VOD and cable systems.

WheelsTV produces approximately 30 new car video test drives, and 30 used car review vehicle videos every month, covering every make and model available in the North American market.

WheelsTV owns and continually adds to, a large library of general interest automotive content. This content is available for IPTV networks distributed as WheelsTV Channel.

WheelsTV’s experienced automotive television producers and television network operators spearhead WheelsTV – each leveraging extensive contacts in the television and automotive industries.

WheelsTV’s founders have produced numerous general-interest automotive television series and distributed them on various networks and channels including, the Discovery Channel, Speedvision, The Outdoor Life Network, PBS and to over 100 countries, worldwide.

Previously produced content includes…

Wild About Wheels: The first-ever automotive television series to air in prime time on a general interest television network. Wild About Wheels showcases over 250 feature stories. This multi-award-winning series was one of the highest rated shows on The Discovery Channel for three years.

WHEELS: This documentary series covering landmark cars and events in automotive history aired in prime time on PBS stations across the country and won three national awards for programming excellence.

Motor Trend Television: Highly rated prime-time series on Speedvision for three years. Best of Conference, International Automotive Media Association, 2001

Wild About Wheels Specials: Over 80 programs in worldwide distribution

Jim Barisano – Chairman/CEO

Jim has headed television production and distribution companies since the mid 1980’s. His landmark series, Wild About Wheels, spawned the general interest automotive television genre when it became a primetime hit on The Discovery Network. Jim is a multi-award-winning writer/producer and the executive producer of over 100 automotive television programs. His television programming airs throughout the world.



Lehel Reeves – President/Business Development

Mr. Reeves’ management and production experience includes major market broadcast television station management, cable television sales, television program development, major studio feature film syndication and television syndicated product development and distribution. He is a former vice president of New Line Cinema.




Collin Davis, CTO & Director of Operations

Collin has over 15 years of experience in web development, video production and account management. He is responsible for helping lead and manage the company’s business strategy, production workflows and technical operations. Collin is the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Operations for WheelsTV and is based in Los Angeles, CA.




Theresa Carlo – CFO

Theresa is an accountant with over 25 years of business management experience. She works with Automotive Networks’ auditing and accounting firms and oversee’s all company revenue and accounts. Theresa also manages the day to day internal operations for both offices including coordinating production scheduling and logistics with the production managers and staff.

Rich Taber, Sr. Staff Writer/Technical Researcher

Rich has over twenty years professional writing experience including eight years as automotive columnist for The Standard-Times newspaper. He has written extensively for numerous regional and local publications and developed public relations products for many non-profit organizations. Having studied both engineering and liberal arts at the University of Notre Dame and worked in audio/visual services, electronic sales, graphic design and event and entertainment production, he brings a well-balanced skill set to his work at WheelsTV.


Bill Stephens – Staff Writer/Host

Bill has been an on-camera host, reporter, writer, producer and narrator on numerous automotive television productions which have aired on such networks as NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, ESPN, ESPN2, Speed, The Family Channel, The Discovery Channel, Outdoor Life, and The Travel Channel. Bill is the Collector Car Expert commentator for Velocity’s (HD Theatre) coverage of the Mecum Muscle Car Auctions as well as the Collector Car Expert for the series “What’s My Car Worth?”, Fox Sports’ “Bidding Wars” and Velocity’s “Appraise My Car.”


WheelsTV is the recipient of numerous awards for our continued success and media excellence.

Telly Awards

The Telly Awards is a national competition that was founded in 1980 to showcase and give recognition to outstanding work in the area of non-network, film, video and cable television programming and commercials.

Silver Telly Award, 2009: Top Honor. “Indianapolis 500 Museum” Story, part of the WheelsTV Automotive Lifestyle Programming Lineup.  Aired on The WheelsTV Network, The Discovery Network and on The Speedvision Network.

Bronze Telly Award, 2004: Dirt Rider Adventures Episode 2 for Outdoor Life Network.

Bronze Telly Award, 2004: Dirt Rider Adventures Episode 4 for Outdoor Life Network.

Bronze Telly Award, 2001: Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 50th Anniversary Special.

Bronze Telly Award, 2001: Show #18, Motor Trend Television, Annual Death Valley Adventure with SUVs.

Silver Telly Award, 1999: Top Honor presented for Show #2, Motor Trend Television, includes Top Ten Sport-utes, Saleen Mustangs and Motortrend Yearbook, 1959.

Bronze Telly Award, 1999: WHEELS, “Lost Racetracks”  Documentary history of racetracks of three legendary racing venues, Watkins Glen’s original street course, Riverside International Raceway and Ascot Speedway.

Bronze Telly Award, 1998: WHEELS, “Corvette, Reflections of the Stylemakers” Documentary history of the Chevrolet Corvette.

Bronze Telly Award, 1996: WHEELS, “The Lovable Beetle” Documentary history of the Volkswagen Beetle.  Aired on PBS and on the Speedvision Network.

Bronze Telly Award, 1992: Wild About Wheels Episode 33: Low Riders, Terry Bennett: Country Doctor, 22 Milliseconds That Can Save Your Life, Pike’s Peak.

IAMC Moto Awards

Moto Awards are presented by The International Automotive Media Conference.  The Moto Award recognizes excellence in automotive media, including print, television and web-based applications.

Moto Award, 1999: Volvo S/V-40 Launch.  Profile of how Volvo brings the Swedish touch to the consumer launch of their newest models.

Moto Award, 1999: Motor Trend Television Special, 50th Anniversary of Motor Trend:  One hour profile of the history of Motor Trend Magazine.

Moto Award, History/Single Marque, 1998: Wheels, “Viper, the Snake Strikes Twice” Documentary history of the development of the Dodge Viper.

Moto Award, History/Single Marque, 1998: Wheels, “Mustang Memories” Documentary history of the Ford Mustang aired on Speedvision Network.

Moto Award, Home Video/Television Feature/Current Events, 1998: The Meguiar’s Award Television Special.

Moto Award, Regularly Scheduled Show, 1998: Wild About Wheels

Moto Award, 1997: America’s Sports Car feature story within Wild About Wheels Episode # 46.

Moto Award, 1997: The Subaru Challenge, a side-by-side comparison video produced for Subaru’s dealer network.

Moto Award, 1997: The Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance, a television program produced for the Speedvision Network as a part of its Speedvision’s Auto Shows series.

IAMC Silver Medallion, 1999: Flowmaster Pro Street Invitational.  Television special of drag racing event.  Aired on the Speedvision Network.

IAMC Silver Medallion, 1998: Wild About Wheels TV

IAMC Silver Medallion, 1997: The Turbine Car, a feature story within Wild About Wheels episode # 45.

IAMA Awards

In 1998, The International Automotive Media Association instituted the International Automotive Media Awards (IAMAs).  IAMAs replace the Moto Awards and recognize excellence in automotive media, including print, television and web-based applications.  The principals of WheelsTV entered three programs, winning awards for all three:

IAMA Silver Medallion of Excellence, 1997: The Turbine Car, a feature story within Wild About Wheels episode # 45.

IAMA Silver Medallion of Excellence, 1998: Wild About Wheels Television Series.

IAMA Gold Medallion of Excellence, 2000: Motor Trend Television, Episode 18, Death Valley Sport Utility Tests.

IAMA Silver Medallion of Excellence, 2000: The 2000 Meguiar’s Award Television Special.

IAMA Silver Medallion of Excellence, 2000: Automotive History.  Ten stories for Internet website Three Minute Network.

IAMA Gold Medallion of Excellence, 2001: Motor Trend Television Series.

IAMA Gold Medallion of Excellence, 2001: Porsche C4 North Rim Adventure.

IAMA Bronze Medallion of Excellence, 2001: The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 50th Anniversary Special.

IAMC Best of Conference Award

In 1998, The International Automotive Media Conference instituted “Best of Division” awards and a single “Best of Conference” award.  The television series, Wild About Wheels took top honors in its division and was named “Best of Conference” in the first year.

IAMC Best of Conference, 1998: Wild About Wheels Television Series.

IAMC Best of Division, Video and Radio, 1998: Wild About Wheels Television Series.

In 2001, the television series, Motor Trend Television, which was written and produced by the principals of WheelsTV, took top honors in its division and was named IAMA BEST OF CONFERENCE, topping a field of three hundred, seventy-four entries.

IAMC Best of Conference, 2001: Motor Trend Television Series.

IAMC Best of Division, Video and Radio, 2001: Motor Trend Television Series.

Recognizing the Power of Web Creativity

Silver W3 Award, 2007: 1:00 on One Vehicle Profiles.  Consumer shopping product. Quick overviews of 100% of the light vehicle lineup.

Silver W3 Award, 2007: Top 200 Video Test Drives. Consumer shopping product. First-hand accounts of test of the 200 most popular light vehicles in North America.