1onOne+ Test Drives

Premium New Car Video Test Drives

1onOne+ combines the best features of WheelsTV’s two award-winning video car-shopping tools: Top 200 Test Drives and 1:00 on One Video Overviews into the most complete lineup of automotive video reports in the industry.


Product Highlights:

  • Every Make & Model
  • White Label or Branded
  • Dealer Friendly
  • OEM Compliant
  • Model Specific
  • Engaging & Informative
  • iDrive Compatible
  • Maps to Chrome Style ID’s and Autodata A-Codes

Every 1onOne+ chapter highlights a car’s top attributes:

  • Introduction
  • What’s New
  • Exterior Features
  • Interior Features
  • Power
  • Fuel Economy
  • Safety Features
  • Warranty
  • Summary

With 1onOne+ car shoppers can:

  • Virtually imagine themselves behind the wheel of their new car.
  • Accomplish hours of research in two minutes.
  • Make a firm, informed and confident buying decision
  • Enjoy industry’s highest quality, engaging, and informative video test drives

Only 1onOn+ puts car shoppers behind the wheel where they imagine themselves actually driving your cars. Successful selling starts and ends with engaged, excited and informed motorists. WheelsTV’s videos are proven to sell cars. Offer a professional, independent, upbeat video test drive of every new car on your lot and make every car shopper a car buyer!