New2U Used Car Reports

Premium Used Car Video Test Drives

New2U Used Car Reports makes selling used cars quick and easy. Each high definition, professionally produced video highlights the vehicle’s best attributes. Car shoppers virtually picture themselves driving the car and owning the car. 100% coverage of every late-model used car since 2008 means that every car on your lot has a video, no car shopper is disappointed, and every car shopper is motivated to buy.

  • Every Make & Model Since 2008
  • White Label or Branded
  • Premium High-Defintion Video with professional narration, music and effects.
  • iDrive compatible.
  • Each vehicle is shown in motion in real-life settings.
  • Presents awards and recognition that each vehicle has received over the years.
  • Positive, upbeat video shows each car in its best light.
  • Key vehicle specs are presented by narrator and in on-screen databar.

Each short chapter shows the specific vehicle in its best light while presenting information essential to moving a sale forward:

  • Overview: The year, make, model and class of each vehicle and a brief statement on its standout attributes.
  • Features: Most valuable standard and optional features both exterior and in the cabin.
  • Performance: Engine, transmission and drivetrain choices with horsepower.
  • MPG: Fuel economy estimates from most efficient to least efficient but most powerful.
  • Honors: Industry and consumer recognition achieved for the specific vehicle.
  • Summary: Brief closing statement on the specific vehicle’s most desirable attributes.

New2U Used Car Reports sell pre-owned cars. These short, upbeat video reports bring the car to life with driving action and beauty shots that excite and engage the car shopper. The best attributes of each vehicle are touted and demonstrated. After viewing New2U Videos, car shoppers quickly become car buyers.