POV Reviews

Pre-Owned Vehicle Reviews

POV Reviews™ makes shopping for a pre-owned vehicle quick and easy, helping consumers to make their buying decisions while keeping them on the host website. POV Reviews provide consumers with the information they need in an engaging video format, eliminating the need to leave the host website while moving the consumer to making the purchase. In just five minutes of video on the host site, the consumer accomplishes five hours of research that would have been done on multiple sites. Full motion video and WheelsTV research combine to expedite the purchase.


  • 4 hours of research in 4 minutes
  • 3rd-Party Credibility
  • 150 Vehicle Generations Covered
  • Engaging & Informative
  • iDrive Compatible
  • WheelsTV Branded
  • Maps to Chrome Style ID’s and Autodata A-Codes
  • Dealer-Friendly Versions Available

Viewers are given an informative video program that clearly and concisely demonstrates each vehicle’s attributes in key areas of strong consumer interest:

  • Overview
  • Dependability
  • Performance
  • Interior Features
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Green Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Summary
  • Dependability
  • Performance
  • Interior Features
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Green Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Summary

The WheelsTV Review Board researches available data on each vehicle including information from actual consumer experiences, government and private testing agencies, and independent analysts.

Safety and crash test data is gathered in association with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety including actual crash test documentation and ratings.

Data is collated and encapsulated into concise narrative and clear, easy to read data screens, which cover multiple vehicle years and demonstrate trends in consumer satisfaction over multiple years.

WheelsTV’s patent pending process then combines the data screens, action footage of each vehicle, voice-over narration, music and effects to create a valuable shopping tool and compelling viewing experience.

  1. How does a car shopper use POV Reviews?

    When considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, the consumer selects the year, make and model in which they are interested and then clicks on the video button and watches the video. The consumer can pause and instantly navigate to various parts of the video. By the end of the video the consumer should have sufficient information to make a sound decision to buy or not to buy a particular year, make and model.

  2. What key information is provided in each POV Review?

    • Vehicle Overview
    • Dependability
    • Overall Dependability/Predicted Reliability
    • Performance
    • Overall Performance and Design
    • Safety: WheelsTV, IIHS, NHTSA
    • EPA Mileage
    • Quality
    • Summary
    • Recommendation
  3. What does POV stand for?

    WheelsTV’s Point of View for a Pre-Owned Vehicle.

  4. How long is each program?

    Approximately 5 minutes. We always say: “Hours of research in just minutes”™

  5. How many vehicles are covered by each POV Review?

    An entire generation of a vehicle is typically covered in each video. A
    generation runs about five to seven years. The auto industry defines a
    generation by the years in which the same or similar chassis, suspension and
    powertrain are used. Minor updates are included. Styling and interior design
    may change from year to year but the essential mechanicals stay the same.

  6. Who does the research for POV Reviews?

    WheelsTV’s team of analysts, editors and test drivers conducts
    extensive research, gathering information from the EPA, the Insurance
    Institute for Highway Safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety
    Administration and numerous third-party sources.

  7. How does WheelsTV determine its recommendation?

    WheelsTV’s team of analysts and test drivers use a proprietary
    formula that weighs each information module in the POV Review to arrive at a

  8. What is the range of WheelsTV’s POV Review recommendations?

    There are five levels:

    • Highly Recommended
    • Recommended
    • Acceptable
    • Neutral
    • Not Recommended
  9. What years are covered by POV Reviews?

    We cover primarily late model cars, 2001 to 2009. This is where the
    greatest amount of research has been conducted.

  10. How many vehicles will be covered and when?

    WheelsTV adds approximately ten videos per month covering an
    average of fifty vehicles. As of October 1, 2009, approximately 200
    year/make/models are covered. WheelsTV expects to have coverage of over
    1,200 year/make/models by the end of year two.

Pre-owned vehicles now out-sell new vehicles by four to one. With POV Reviews™ consumers are given the ability to quickly and easily research, compare and choose the right pre-owned vehicles for them, saving time and money while never leaving the host website. This valuable shopping tool is the first video product to serve the world’s largest consumer market at a time when more motorists are turning to pre-owned vehicles to fill their transportation needs.