Cable VOD


  • In-Market Dealer Sponsorships

  • Co-Op Ad Reimbursement

  • Every Make & Model

  • Local, Regional or National Market Sponsorships

  • Content-Rich Automotive Vertical for VOD or Linear Channel

How Cable VOD Uses WheelsTV

WheelsTV’s highly entertaining video test drives and walk-arounds are ideal vehicles for local dealers’ commercial messages. The positive but non-commercial videos help car-shoppers to become more knowledgeable on each vehicle’s attributes, features and benefits. Car shoppers are motivated to take the next step and contact the local dealer.

WheelsTV offers full make and model lineups with metadata formatted for easy searching and browsing using cable, satellite and TV remote controls. Additionally, hundreds of short-form and long-form automotive lifestyle stories are available to establish a robust and comprehensive automotive VOD channel that anyone who drives can enjoy.

Live Examples

For Time Warner Cable customers:

  1. Go to channel 1 (Video On Demand)
  2. Select “Find It On Demand”
  3. Select “Automotive”
  4. Enjoy WheelsTV!

For Cablevision customers:

  1. Go to channel 605
  2. Select “Videos”
  3. Enjoy WheelsTV!