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How Consumer Websites Use WheelsTV

Keeping visitors on your website or portal is essential to achieving high traffic counts, more click-throughs and greater advertiser support. With WheelsTV’s HD videos, consumers are treated to virtually every car and light truck on the road today in quick, entertaining and colorful reports.
The action, beauty and fun promised by each car, whether a sub-compact, luxury cruiser or exotic, keeps your visitors engaged and browsing. Those thinking of purchasing a car (up to one-third of the motoring public) are moved to take action: Get a price, contact a dealer or click-through to an OEM website.


Case Study: – Nick Park, Sr. Product Manager

We’re one of the top three most visited independent sites for new cars shoppers. And we have about two times the engagement level of anybody else in the industry, with shoppers spending roughly 55 minutes on our site a month and videos is a really big reason for that. They’re really going in and looking at the videos we have, especially from WheelsTV, particularly the Top 200 reviews that you guys do and some your other really great content, it really has increased our engagement on the site. doesn’t really have an editorial voice around its video content, and so we really rely on that independent voice from WheelsTV to bring in a lot of the vehicles’ information and really to give the consumers another voice that complements what we offers from our dealers and from our manufacturer customers. We’re really looking at following the trend of online video in general. In the last year consumers have watched about a quarter more online video than in the previous year and I think we’re really benefiting from that trend with the fact that were centered around the search for cars and reviewing information around cars that consumers want to buy.  I think that’s where we’re seeing that engagement figure of two times engagement vs. the rest of the industry, that’s where that figure is coming from… One of the things I like is they’re in situations that the vehicles are likely to be used in: They’re out on the roads. They really engage you as a prelude to an actual test drive. So, before you go out to the dealership, you really come to understand how the car works in real situations. Also, I think WheelsTV does a really good job of calling up the distinctive features of each vehicle, which can really be kind of hard to gather just by looking at data…It really adds that human spin to it and that human feature, and gives a really good insight of the options that consumers have in the marketplace.

Live Example: Yahoo! Autos