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How Dealership Websites Use WheelsTV

WheelsTV’s independent third-party presentations provide upbeat, positive infotainment that moves the sale forward. Consumers get the information they need to make a decision on each make and model, quickly moving themselves through the purchase process.

With WheelsTV’s video reports, immediate sales are made and long-term customer loyalty is built. Every video maps seamlessly to dealers’ VIN inventory so that every car on the lot is supported by network-quality HD videos that sell cars more quickly and more easily.

Case Study: DealerHD – Justin Duff, VP of Sales

We use video on all our websites.  We have a new-car video product – WheelsTV, one of the best – and we attach it to every VIN dynamically, so that when customers are doing their browsing/shopping, they click on a car and watch the video.  It’s full motion, it’s a great review, and they can become educated.  It helps them in the buying process. The average time spent on the site goes up quite a bit.  We track that a lot with our analytics.  And customers are just generally happier – they can get a little research without having to go to the OEM sites.  It keeps them on the site; makes it very “sticky.”  That’s what we like. I like the videos because they’re not the usual stitched video, with the pictures panning and zooming.  It’s full-motion, it’s high-quality, and there’s a lot of information about specs and pricing which is helpful for the customer.

Live Example: Friendly Kia